Our goal of advertising is to develop awareness and recall of a product or service, and to build a distinctive corporate image for an advertiser.

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Static Banner Ads
Static banner ads can be very effective, especially if you intend to add a subtle ad to a good content page. Static ad may be less intrusive and therefore not regarded as annoying but as offering a valuable addition to the content presented.

Animated Banner Ads
Animated Banner Ads can be read and displayed by all standard browsers, allowing you to grab the attention of audience. Display several different images in succession; create the effect of animated motion. Constructed in the right way, animated banner ads can draw instant attention of your audience and emphasize your message.

Flash Banner Ads
Flash banner ads give lot more freedom of visually conveying your message. The small file size and flexibility of these ads means there are virtually no limits of what you can do.

HTML Banner Ads
HTML banners are often used for menus, search boxes or full page pop-under ads, allowing interaction before the visitor even reaches the destination site. This interactivity often results in higher response rates than purely graphical banners, and it might draw response from visitors who do not normally click on graphical banners.